I'm Eric Mortensen and I've spent my career working in what was once called "new media.” You might remember some of it, like pioneering social bookmarking platform Linkfilter (early 2000s, currently relaunching), web series distributor Blip (late 2000s), 3D printing community Thingiverse (mid 2010s), and podcast Fated Mates (currently). You might also be familiar with my ongoing projects like Image Oscillite, scrutiNY, and my interactive A/V installations and event production work with the Disorient collective.

I'm passionate about the power of content and community—words that are too often overused, but are more essential today than ever before. They’re vital to art, to culture and to a strong, impassioned society, and central to the efforts of any organization with a goal to reach, connect with, and influence the world.

I've spent my career working at the intersection of great content and impassioned communities, and I am eager to expand this work—in service to a better future for our country and planet.

Please visit my LinkedIn profile for more info or send me an email at "eric" at the domain you're currently visiting.